Original online course
on photography
by Jurij Treskow
Indoor vs. Outdoor.
How effectively see and use the space on the set.
Airbnb. Hotels. Apartments.
Lofts. Studios. Locations.
Building dream teams.
Interacting, instead of working, with the team and model.
What makes a great model?
Choose right music for your shootings.
Types of lightning and how to use them.
Learning from masters.
Natural vs. Strobes vs. Continuous vs. Led lights.
What cameras, lenses and filters I use.
Case studies.
Breaking down in details what techniques and methods
I used to create my photographs.
The specifics of erotic photography.
First experiments. Erotic portraits.
Maintaining aesthetics.

Indoor vs. Outdoor.
How effectively see and use the space on the set.
Airbnb. Hotels. Apartments. Lofts. Studios. Locations.
Do you have a dream location where you would love to shoot?

How do you choose locations for your shootings?
Where do you feel more creative and productive?
When Airbnb just launched I would often look through it's apartments to find locations for my shootings. There were plenty of spacious apartments with designer furniture.

Airbnb still could work perfectly for small shootings. For a bigger production you might need to ask the owner for a permission to shoot inside. From my experience I can tell that it's rare that they are okay with that.

In general Airbnb apartments can be significantly cheaper than to rent a whole photo studio.

Pay attention to the Check-in & check-out policy. In most cases check-in is around 3pm, so you won't have a whole day for your shooting.
Double check if the photographs on the website are not outdated and the apartment looks the same.
3.1 EXERCISE Case study - airbnb
Using airbnb apartments as locations.
A hotel is more practical and often cheaper than renting a whole studio.

Most hotels have their particular ambience and cinematic atmosphere. Ideal for small projects, working with a one-on-one model.

I often suggest to some of my private clients to book a boutique hotel as a location for a our shooting. It's convenient and gives us enough time to work on our ideas. Most non-professional models feel more familiar when staying and shooting at hotels. They feel more relaxed to pose in a hotel room instead posing infront of studio walls.

Difficulties may arise if you have a large team, as most hotels will either completely prohibit shooting, or you will be asked to pay a lot of money.

It is also worth considering that most rooms may be poorly lit and small in size.
3.1 EXERCISE Case study - HOTELS
Using hotels as locations.
Hotel Les Bains in Paris in 2019
Les Bains
Editor-in-chief at Maxim asked me to shoot for their magazine and he gave me a carte-blanche regarding the whole production and the art direction of the shooting.

I picked Vika as a model and builded a team. Then I needed to find a location for our shooting. So I decided to contact several boutique hotels in Paris.

It's common that hotels can give you a room for free for a shooting because it's a good promotion for them, to be mentioned in the magazine can attract new clients.

In the end we got a great hotel - Les Bains. It's a legendary place on Parisian map.

Check this article about night life in Paris back in time and you will be very surprised.

There were other clubs in that golden age of Paris night life, but perhaps none of them were as era defining. Opened in 1978 on the site of a 19th-century bathhouse in the Third Arrondissement, Les Bains Douches made stars of its designer (Philippe Starck) and resident D.J. (David Guetta), who were unknown at the time. Joy Division recorded a live album in the basement, where Prince performed impromptu and Depeche Mode played years before selling out stadiums. Continue readingI will post photographs from this shooting on my instagram in the next few days. Below you will find the first one. Vika as La Femme Fatale. It's also available as a poster.

3.1 EXERCISE Case study - HOTELS
Hotel Braun. Tel-Aviv 2019
3.1 EXERCISE Case study - HOTELS
Nomad. Los-Angeles 2020
3.1 EXERCISE Case study - HOTELS
1 Hotel. Los-Angeles 2020
3.1 EXERCISE Case study - HOTELS
Les Bains. Paris. 2020
3.1 EXERCISE Case study - HOTELS
Les Bains. Paris. 2020
3.1 EXERCISE Case study - HOTELS
Hotel de Paris. Monaco. 2020
3.1 EXERCISE Case study - HOTELS
Hotel Provacateur. Berlin. 2020
3.1 EXERCISE Case study - HOTELS
Hotel Provacateur. Berlin. 2020
Examine how other photographers are using hotels as locations for shootings?
" It's that I don't like white paper backgrounds. A woman does not live in front of white paper. She lives on the street, in a motor car, in a hotel room.

I have always avoided photographing in the studio. A woman does not spend her life sitting or standing in front of a seamless white paper background. Although it makes my life more complicated, I prefer to take my camera out into the street... and places that are out of bounds for photographers have always had a special attraction for me."

― Helmut Newton
Movies. Hotels
2046, Wong Kar-Wai, 2004
Four Rooms, Allison Anders / Alexandre Rockwell / Robert Rodriguez / Quentin Tarantino, 1995
Mystery Train, Jim Jarmusch, 1989
The Shining, Stanley Kubrick, 1980
Barton Fink, Joel Coen / Ethan Coen, 1991
Youth, Paolo Sorrentino, 2015
Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock, 1960
The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson, 2014
Lost in Translation, Sofia Coppola, 2003
Death in Venice, Luchino Visconti, 1971
Chelsea Girls, Andy Warhol, 1966
The Night Porter, Liliana Cavani, 1974
INSPIRATION: Movie. "Hotel Chevalier" by Wes Anderson. 2007
A man (Jason Schwartzman) and a woman (Natalie Portman) converse in a hotel room.

" Photography is 10% inspiration and 90% moving furniture. "

― Helmut Newton
Locations. Exercise
By looking through images of designer interiors or photo studios I imagine myself shooting there.

I analyze and scan the space for the presence of elements that are interesting for use in the frame: different options for camera angles, the ratio of light-shadow. I think about where and how I would put the equipment, what poses that model could take and how it might affect the composition.

Thanks to these theoretical exercises I get prepared for my future shootings. It helps me to develop and maintain a skill to notice and seize potential for good images around me.

Main goal is to develop and maintain a prized skill - observation.


Просматривая фотографии дизайнерских интерьеров или фотографий фото-студий, я представляю, что провожу там съемки.

Анализирую и сканирую пространство на наличие интересных для использования в кадре элементов: ракурсы, соотношение света-теней, продумываю куда и как поставить оборудование, как модель может взаимодействовать с пространством.

Эти теоретические упражнения помогают мне, будучи уже на съемочной площадке, быстрее замечать удачные ракурсы и находить подходящие сочетания.

Find images of locations that inspire you.
Imagine your shooting takes place at this location.
Think over postures for models and how would you use the light.

Goal: train your "imagination muscle." and to improve your compositional skills.
Photo Studio
First of all studios stand for creative control.
Plus you have control over: Lightning. Set-up Design. Privacy. Timing. Team. Catering. Comfort zone (heating or cooling), changing areas.

You can learn to use artificial lighting (strobe or continuous) to produce various effects difficult or impossible to achieve using only natural light outside. You have the freedom to experiment with many different lighting modifiers and with time develop your unique style.

Working in trendy and well-established studios can give potential clients positive vibes.

You don't need to worry about the changing weather.
Most of the studios have their own equipment that is included in price.
You are less distracted and focused when your are shooting at studios.

Be aware that It can also make you complacent, always relying on the same lighting setups to produce consistent but boring results.
Using studios as locations.
Ritual of checking equipment before shooting.
I have a ritual of checking equipment before every shooting.

Create a checklist: wires, charging, clean lenses, charged batteries, extension cords, memory cards, filters. Some elements may need to be duplicated for safety reasons.

A photo suitcase or bag is a very worthwhile investment that will save your back in the future. You always know where and what you have, you spend less energy on moving equipment, the more you have the strength to shoot itself.


Ритуал проверки оборудование. Создайте чек-лист: провода, зарядка, чистые линзы, батареи заряжены, удлинители, карты памяти, фильтры. Некоторые элементы возможно надо будет дублировать для подстраховки.

Фото-чемодан или сумка - очень оправданная инвестиция, которая в будущем спасет вашу спину. Вы всегда знаете, где и что у вас лежит, вы тратите меньше физических резервов на перемещение оборудование, тем больше у вас остается сил на проведение самой съемки.

" I always prefer to work in the studio. It isolates people from their environment.

They become in a sense . . . symbolic of themselves. I often feel that people come to me to be photographed as they would go to a doctor or a fortune teller - to find out how they are. "

― Richard Avedon
" I show elements of the set in my pictures because it's not real. When I see movies, I often love the 'making of' more than the movie itself. It's not so final. When you have a woman just standing there, it doesn't mean much. "

― Peter Lindbergh
Take a look at photo studios of other photographers.
Locations Outside / Outdoor
Life is richer than imagination! Go out into the wild.

Outdoor photography means unlimited background options. You don't have walls around you that restrict your vision.

Great opportunity to work with the best light ever - a natural light.

Depending on the aesthetic for your shoot, an existing location – be it streetscape, park or waterside – can offer instant atmosphere that you don't have to manufacture.

Changing weather. Lack of privacy, passers, security.
Permits. Facilities, restrooms, electricity.
3 miles rule by Helmut Newton.

When walking take notes, mark locations for future shootings.
Take pictures and sketch ideas.

Catalog it and add to your mood boards by turning them later into treatments.
Exercise: Walking
While walking I notice and mark new interesting places for future shootings: these can be unusual buildings, streets, bridges, architectural objects. Everything that could be exciting to have as the background.

I take photos and put places on the map, but also I pay attention to how crowded the place is, whether there are suitable places where to dress the model, access to electricity, the ratio of light and shadows.

Во время прогулок, я старюсь заметить новые интересные места для съемок: это могут быть необычные здания, улицы, мосты, архитектурные объекты.

Я стараюсь делать фотографии и заношу места на карту, обращая внимание насколько людное место, есть ли подходящие места, где переодевать модель, наличие доступа к электричеству, соотношение света и теней.
Colors & Combinations
Forms & Shapes
Color & Forms
Street. Exercise
At home or go outside start to pay attention to everything that (for example) has a green color. Look around and scan with your eyes how many objects can you find.

Another time, let it be red or blue color. Choose any color you want.

The second stage, notice everything that has the shape of a circle or the shape of a square or oval, a rhombus.

The third stage can be a hunt for color combinations of shapes: red squares, green triangles, blue rhombuses.

Through this exercise you train your eye so that it turns into a scanning filter and depending on the task, it will be able to quickly find and highlight the desired objects and combinations out of the context.

As humans we are naturally drawn to similarities.

Familiarize yourself with color theory and how different colors and combinations affect perception. It's essential for a fashion photographer.

Когда вы находитесь на улице или дома, начните обращать внимание на все, что (например) зеленого цвета. Проводите сканирование глазами. В другой раз пусть это будет красный или синий. Выбрать можно любой цвет.

Второй этап, замечайте все, что имеет форму круга или форму квадрата или овала, ромб.
Третий этап может быть поиском цветных сочетаний форм: красные квадраты, зеленые треугольники, синие ромбы.

Ознакомьтесь с теории цвета и тому, как разный цвет и сочетания влияют на восприятие.

instagram/ color palette

Тренируйте свой глаз, чтобы он превращался в сканирующий фильтр и в зависимости от поставленной задачи, он сможет быстро находить и выделять искомые объекты и сочетания.
Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, Moscow
Flair Magazine
Take creative risks, learn as much as possible and try everything. With time and experience you will gain confidence.

Sometimes by doing things you don't want to do you might discover things that you want to do.

It's essential to know what you want. Having a strong sense of your goals will help you to progress.

Building dream teams.
Interacting, instead of working, with the team and model.
What makes a great model?
Choose right music for your shootings.
Moscow 2015
" If I create anything I create an atmosphere of trust an opennes. "

― Sante D'Orazio
" Maybe people have no idea how much work is behind a picture. It can seem very effortless, but there is a lot of work. It's exactly like doing ballet. It's hours and hours, but when you go onstage, it's just the pleasure of dancing."

― Carine Roitfeld
Interacting within team.
In my case one of the most important success factors for a great shooting it's creating of an atmosphere of comfort and love among the team.

By trying to control thing too much can actually limit their potential.
"Control is never achieved when sought after directly. It is the surprising consequence of letting go." ~James Arthur Ray

Especially in fashion photography you are nothing with a good team. Take advantage of an access to great professionals by collaborating and exchanging ideas.

When shooting in teams stay true to your vision and ideas. You need to be present in a moment, here and now. See all the options and make a decision based on that view of all the potential outcomes. The better you respond to what's in front of you, the more effective you are in creating what will be.

Think long-term. Work on your strength of conviction and communicating your point of view with clarity.

Not only you and your model has to be relaxed but the whole team too. As a photographer you often have to deal with different energies and always changing moods of the team members. One of your tasks is to direct and guide them to achieve goals and get fantastic images in the end.

Do not be afraid of the accidents, the things that happen by chance. Let the life come into the picture and involve team members into this creativity process. Having great conversations during the preparations helps to establish a fruitful connection.

Do not work with your team members but interact and interplay with them. It should not be experienced like a routine but rather as a creative and exciting flow. Trust those you are working with and empower your team members also to suggest ideas and involve creatively into the process.

I have also noticed that checking photographs infront of the model and not showing them - might seem rude. If you need to do it - do it discreet.

And sometimes it happens that things are not working out. Things may not go to plan. Expect the unexpected and anticipate that things may veer off course. Move sitting to another day. It's not the end of the world.

Every setback gives you an opportunity to improve how you deal with challenges. Every misunderstanding helps you strengthen your ability to work with others. Every delay gives you a chance to revisit your intentions and ensure your choices are aligned.
" If you want to become the best, work with the best. Best investment that will pay off.

Work with people that really want to work with you. "

― Unknown

Look for new connections and create opportunities.
Create your own data-base with artists you are already working.

Also make a list of artists and models, magazines you want to work in the future.
Professional models are meant to work in front of a camera. It's their job and talent. Models suppose to have a feeling for the lightning and translate photographer's ideas.

In a way models are blank pages. You start from here and then you together start to experiment and play around.

It is important to notice and bring the personality of the model into the frame..
By directing be careful of not making robots out of models.

As a photographer your task is to discover their beauty that springs from their depths.


Талант модели проявляется в работе с камерой. Чувство света.

В каком-то смысле вы оба начинаете с чистого листа и вместе путем экспериментов и совместного поиска ищете решение поставленных задач и идей.

Важно заметить и привнести индивидуальности модели в кадр. Руководя позами, будьте осторожны, чтобы не превратить моделей в безжизненных роботов.
What makes a model - the model?

Agency Models vs. Instagram Models
" I wish I could say the same for the young women who were just on the runways at the New York fall collections. Overall, they were pale and thin, and entirely lacking in the joyfulness and charm that once defined the supermodel. This, of course, is not their fault: Designers now near-uniformly favor a non-vivacious, homogenous ideal."

― Anna Wintour. 2008
Movies and Documentaries about Modeling. Backstage.
Books on Modeling
Cindy Crawford Becoming
Veruschka: From Vera to Veruschka
Verushka: Trans-figuration
Claudia Schiffer
The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women by Gross, Michael (2011) Paperback


Gia Marie Carangi was an American model during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Considered by some to be the first supermodel.



Dame Lesley Lawson DBE (née Hornby; born 19 September 1949) is an English model, actress, and singer, widely known by the nickname Twiggy. She was a British cultural icon and a prominent teenage model during the swinging sixties in London.
Books on acting
Constantin Stanislavski. An Actor Prepares.
Lee Strasberg. A Dream of Passion.
Stella Adler. The Art of Acting.
Sanford Meisner. Meisner on Acting.
Elia Kazan. Kazan and Directing.
" What makes a good model? Models they are a cross between an actress and a sportsperson. They have to have the physical stamina to endure literally hours of demanding work and they have to have the intelligence to understand and express the fashion narrative implied by the clothes that they are wearing. "

― Nick Knight
Nick Knight discusses the concepts and motivations behind his Warhol inspired film series More Beautiful Women with Design Critic Alice Rawsthorn.


Sometimes, choosing the right music is key.

Create multiple playlists with different styles of music. Tracks to dance and sing along. High-quality pop and rock music, hits of the 80s and 90s are great.

I listen to Jazz in the process of preparation, when making make-up and hair.

A lot of ready-made mixes can be found on Youtube, Spotify or Soundcloud.

Ask models if they would prefer listen to their music. They might feel more relaxed and pose better.


Порой правильно выбранная музыка - половина успеха.

Создайте несколько плейлистов с разной по стилю музыкой. Очень хорошо подходят трэки, под которые хотелось бы танцевать и подпевать. Качественная поп и рок музыка, хиты 80 и 90-х - отлично подходят. В процессе подготовки, когда делают мэйк и волосы - очень хорошо слушается Джаз. Очень много готовых миксов можно найти на Youtube, Spotify или Soundcloud. Не помешает узнать у модели, какая музыка ей/ему нравится.

Types of light and how to use them.
Learning from masters.
Natural vs. Strobes vs. Continuous vs. Led lights.
What cameras, lenses and filters I use.
" I don't create a photograph, I find it. "

― Sante D'Orazio

" You don't take a photograph, you make it. "

― Ansel Adams
Main inspiration in finding new lighting schemes comes from my natural laziness and amateur approach to photography.
In my case, laziness became the main drive for understanding the work with light.

I never liked the idea of spending too much time on setting up your equipment and installing the light (not more than five minutes). Therefore, my light on many photographs is perhaps far from technical perfection but it suits me well and in a way determines my style.

Every time I would start to put light from scratch, "reinventing the wheel."

I am not trying to imitate previous light settings and techniques at my new shootings.

For each model, I would try to choose light that suits her exclusively and emphasizes her personality and her characteristic features.

In the studio, it's worth starting with one light source. As soon as you feel that you can control and create different ambiences with just one light source, you can gradually add new lights.

Light should complement and help reveal your creative intent. Technically perfect photography may be the most boring picture in the world. Photography is the art of painting with light.

I support the idea of being a child on the set. Work on how to be surprised, try new things out and maybe by doing it you can find "your original light."

Question established decisions and tricks. Take risks, explore different options, no matter how crazy they seem at first, play, and most importantly - have fun. Working with light should not scare you.

Each new shoot is an opportunity to try something new and it does not matter in the studio or on the street.

Try to invent and create light with your own hands. Use lamps from home, flashlights.

It can be cheaper and more original and more fun.


В моем случае лень стала главным катализатором понимание работы со светом. Мне никогда не нравилась идея тратить на выставление света много времени (больше пяти минут). Поэтому мой свет на многих фотографиях возможно далёк от технического совершенства, но он очень подходит и дополняет мой стиль.

Я не стараюсь запоминать настройки света даже тогда, когда получилось сделать очень хороший снимок. Каждый раз я пытаюсь начать выставлять свет с нуля, "заново изобретая велосипед". Шаблонное наложение предыдущих настроек и приемов во время новых съёмок - не всегда правильное решение для меня.

Для каждой модели старайтесь подбирать свет, который подходит исключительно ей и подчеркивает ее индивидуальность и ее характерные особенности.

В студии начинать стоит с одного источника света. Как только вы почувствуете, что можете с помощью всего лишь одного источника света управлять и создавать разные атмосферы, можно постепенно добавлять новые источники.

Свет должен дополнять и помогать раскрыть ваш Творческий замысел. Технически совершенная фотография может быть самой скучной картинкой в мире.

Фотография - это искусство рисовать светом.

Идея быть ребёнком на съемочной площадке. Работайте над тем, чтобы удивляться, пробуйте новое и возможно таким образом вы сможете найти "ваш оригинальный свет". Ставьте под вопрос устоявшиеся решения и приемы. Рискуйте, исследуйте разные варианты, какими сумасшедшими бы они не показались вначале, играйте, и самое главное - получайте удовольствие. Работа со светом не должна пугать вас. Каждая новая съемка- это возможность попробовать что-то новое и не важно в студии или на улице.

Попробуйте придумать и создать свет своими руками. Это может быть и дешевле и оригинальнее и увлекательнее.
" Fashion photographers are the new painters. "

― Peter Lindbergh
Next time you shoot with strobes try to emulate natural light.
Then use ambient light and add a small key light on your subject.
" The point is, you don't need 10 lights to make a great portrait. Heck, you don't even need one light. You can use the sun if you're clever! "

― Richard Avedon

" Most Avedon studio portraits were shot with a single key strobe light in an umbrella, with additional lights on the background. "

― Sebastian Kim
" Technically perfect photography may be the most boring picture in the world. "
― Unknown
Look for lightning schemes on Internet / Google.

Goal: Try them out and find your own interpratation.
" Allow for Serendipity: Move outside your normal realm of comfort and interest, explore far and wide, while staying open and avoiding jumping to conclusions. Let yourself be surprised and discover new opportunities. Keep a notebook with you at all time and record ideas as they appear to you. "

― Unknown
Watch and analyze backstage videos from fashion shootings.

Pay attention to:
Lightning schemes and what equipment, cameras and lenses are used.
How photographers determine the correct lightning, interact with the team and control the shooting environment.
How models work, pose and move.
11 hours 50 minutes*

* Playback speed x2
" You don't know how you're going to do it and you don't know how it's going to turn out. "

― Nick Knight
Watch the video from the shooting and see the results below.
Break down backstage settings and pay attention to the details how they are composed.
"It is naive to amuse yourself with the hope that mastery will come with experience" *

― Lidia Pavlovna Dyko

FIX 135 mm canon / 35 mm sigma / 50 mm broken
FIX* 28 - 35 - 50 mm

Polaroid Instax Wide
Printer Polaroids
iPhone + Huji + Filter

Cameras help me record things I see with my eyes.
And by looking so much I get a feeling that I am not present in the moment.
" I hate cameras. They interfere, they're always in the way. I wish I could just work with my eyes alone. "

― Richard Avedon
INSPIRATION: Книга. Фотокомпозиция. Лидия Павловна Дыко
В книге дан краткий очерк развития фотографии как вида искусства, раскрыто многообразие ее форм и областей применения. Рассмотрены изобразительные средства творческой фотографии, линейная композиция снимка, его световая и тональная структура, приемы создания законченного рисунка кадра. Описаны особенности работы фотографа в различных видах и жанрах современной фотографии, даны практические работы по фотокомпозиции. Для широкого круга читателей.


Case studies
Breaking down in details what techniques and methods
I used to create my photographs.
Liza Sotnikova
One of my favorite portraits ever. Liza photographed in Moscow in 2014.

It was quite a stormy weather on the roof of ArtPlay that day. Tears came not because Liza was sad or in pain but simply because of the wind. I noticed it and intuitively saw potential so I just took a photograph.

In the end we got a great portrait. Tears make this photograph mysterious and sensual.
" Think before and after shooting, but never in the process. "

― Unknown
Second Shooting
We met again with Liza for our next shooting few years later again in Moscow in 2018. Liza has changed a lot through the past years and I was happy to capture these profound changes and reflect on them in our images.

Photographs became very dark and raw, provocative and sexually charged.

We started at the Lobster Studio and then moved to the Saint Room.
Studio shooting.
Using one strobe to highlight body by full lengths shots.
Window shot.
Day light paints a beautiful and sensual silhouette around athletic bodies.
Great for full-lengths and portraits.
Studio. Day light mixed with a strobe.
Geometry, depth and narrative that are created through letting objects in frame.
Shooting Studio
Sometimes it get difficult to focus on getting a portrait of a subject.

At studio you can depend on composition and less on the person you photograph.
Real life doesn't happen within the studio.
"I feel alive when I take photographs. But my photographs always leave me feeling defeated. I am never able to put everything I know into them."

― Richard Avedon
Day light at studio.
Adding objects into the photograph to give more depth and narrative.
" I'm full of doubts still about the ability to get the picture I'm going to take.

"I'm a surprisingly limited photographer," he insisted to me, "and I've learned not to go beyond my capacity. I've tried a few times to depart from what I know I can do, and I've failed. I've tried to work outside the studio, but it introduces too many variables that I can't control. I'm really quite narrow, you know."

― Irving Penn
Studio shot with one strobe.
Long exposure results in a motion effect.
Long exposure plus fabrics.
Motion and a flow effect.
Red filters on your lenses plus a strobe.
Flash camera - build in.
Direct light and long exposure options.
La Femme Fatale.
Meaning of clothes. DTSM Berlin.
Projector as a key light. Red color.
Lights and shadows. Patterns and shapes.
Alternative light equipment.
Alternative photo equipment!
Professional equipment often costs a lot of money. Look for alternative inexpensive options for original solutions.

On Google you will find a lot of examples and tutorials on how you can duplicate and imitate professional equipment.

Experiment and try different tricks. In the end you might find your own solutions with unique results that match your vision and style.
" Letting the machine loose,
in taking risks, exploring the possibilities of film, paper, printing in different ways, playing with exposures, with composition and accidents.
It's all part of what an image can be, which is anything. Good pictures, bad pictures—why not? "

― Unknown
Color Filters.
Holding infront of lens or fixing direct at strobes.
Creating of cinematic feeling by using
cinema lights and color filters
Shooting on iPhone. !
In recent years taking pictures on phones became extremely popular. With each new phone model cameras are getting better and better with higher resolution, finer quality and a variety of lenses.
At some point those images begin to compete with images shot on professional cameras. In a few years images on phones might became a new acceptable golden standard in photography in general.

Anybody can almost effortlessly take a picture now. You just need to click and it's done the photograph is ready. Next you make some quick adjustments using numerous available apps and edit the images and upload them online on your social media or send to a friend or even a client.

More often there is no need to hire a photographer and to wait for the final edited images for weeks. Now you are in total control of the whole artistic process. You can became your own photographer and take self-portraits or you shoot your friends or landscapes and call yourself as a photographer.

Nowadays everybody who has an iPhone becomes a photographer.

We live in a golden age of photography where every second millions of photographs are produced by millions of people all over the world.

I have the feeling that an exciting era of photography is naturally going to it's end and a new era of "Contenography" begins.

Another observation is that most people tend to trust images shot on their phones more than on professional cameras. The way they look and see themselves on the screen of their phone fits them better. They like it more.
The pre-installed filters and AI algorithms operate like photoshop and make you look prettier. Even mirrors are not truth-tellers anymore.

That's why you can see how iphone images are getting more likes and attention on social media. Images made using professional equipment belong to the galleries, magazines and printed work.
Shoot on iPhone.
Use color filters and magnifying glass.

Apps Huji and Layout.
" If photographers are responsible for creating or reflecting an image of women in society, then, I must say, there is only one way for the future, and this is to define women as strong and independent. This should be the responsibility of photographers today: to free women, and finally everyone, from the terror of youth and perfection."

― Peter Lindbergh

The specifics of erotic photography
First experiments. Erotic portraits.
Maintaining aesthetics.
First nudes. Paris and Moscow
I didn't do lot of nudes in the beginning of my career. I was quite shy.

I moved to Paris I started to shoot more model tests for the agencies.

Models often had some semi-nude pictures in their portfolios and it was okay and acceptable by the agencies and the clients. Fashion was more open-minded back in the days.

At that time in Paris fashion pictures were a mix of art and erotic photography. Some porn aesthetics from the 70s became fashion chic, a new raw visual style in the 00s. It also was extended to fine art, movies, pop music and advertising.

Below you will find 2 photographs from this period. One from Moscow and another one from Paris.
For me, eroticism is in the face, not in the genitals. It's an old cliché to affirm that eroticism is the contrary of the total nude, and yet it is so true.

For me, a wealthy woman is more erotic than a beautician or a secretary.
A wealthy woman is naturally sexy.

My photos are stamped with vulgarity!
Creation comes from bad taste and vulgarity.

Voyeurism in photography is a necessary professional evil.

― Helmut Newton
Erotica vs. Pornographic images
My approach to artistic semi-nudity has slowly changed. With time I started to include semi-nude photographs into my model tests. For me it was important to maintain artistic approach, empower models and highlight their beauty and sexuality.

It's important to me to keep a certain level of aesthetics and not to get pornographic. Sensuality witch can coexist with eroticism.

Pornography, in contrast to eroticism, focuses on the graphic image of frankly sexual scenes. Pornography is recorded on descriptions of the genitals, sexual intercourse. Eroticism is presented as a certain ennobled phenomenon, as a spiritual attraction of the instinct of procreation.

Is it possible to shoot a nude picture without being criticized for "objectification"?
I simply follow my instincts, what I feel, and what I'd like to do!


Порнография, в отличие от эротики, заостряет внимание на графическом изображении откровенно сексуальных сцен. Порнография фиксируется на описаниях половых органов, полового акта. Эротика же подаётся как некое облагороженное явление, как духовное влечение инстинкта продолжения рода.

Ню (фр. nu — «нагой, обнажённый», от фр. nudité — «нагота, обнажённость») — художественный жанр в скульптуре, живописи, фотографии и кинематографе, изображающий красоту и эстетику обнажённого человеческого тела.

Generous, intelligent women with a sense of humour and the ability to make me laugh. Women with a strong character.

― Richard Avedon
I believe that nudity is part of art and fashion vocabulary, and history, and I am not afraid of it, as long is clearly not pornographic

― Olivier Zahm
Sensuality coexisting with eroticism.
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