fatal diary

100 + photographs & 50 + videos
uncensored, many unseen yet and in a great resolution
2021. september.
moscow. hotel richter.

we are shooting at the hotel that has 7 rooms. you go up the massive stairs, first door on the left.

it's already very dark outside. I can hear cars passing by. windows are shaking because of these growling angry machines.

I can smell them. the air is saturated with gasoline. light a match and everything will explode in a flash.

car's lights glide across the room licking the mirrors, the wall and the ceiling. shadows sparkling in a wild dance around us.

N. is wearing nothing but high heels and her perfume, black tea leaves, bergamot and musk. she is laying on the bed in a silence. what's she dreaming about?

I switched to the radio instead of my favourite playlist. song to song we shoot into the dark night.