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fatal issue #1

based on a printed fatal issue #1
plus extra exclusive and some unseen images and videos from the shootings with six femme fatales
36 square meters and the square below spread their shoulders wide and open.

The sky is gray and black birds patrol the empty streets. It's cold and windy outside.

People run around in circles, cars fly by, lights explode in vitrines and cigarettes burn holes in people's souls.
Windows closed; the air conditioner dries me from inside.
I am not nervous which is exactly what makes me nervous. We start to shoot.

Slowly. No rush. Nicolas Jaar breaks the silence with his deep voice. I start to move to his rhythm.
I hunt for photographs that will take your breath away. Tomorrow I leave for Paris.

We shoot for 2 hours. Not much is said. I take some Polaroids for a collage that will come later.

As will a short movie with only one viewer and one narrator. Music stops. I pack my lenses and my cameras.
She slowly gets dressed. There is coffee and biscuits on the table. Untouched. I leave the keys inside the room. I leave the door closed behind us.

The elevator brings me to reception. I get in a cab and leave for another hotel.

There is no end in this story for a stranger I am.


september. 2021. hotel richter.

we are shooting at the hotel that has 7 rooms. you go up the massive stairs, first door on the left. come inside be a guest.

it's already very dark outside. I can hear cars passing by. windows are shaking because of these growling angry machines.

I can smell them. the air is saturated with gasoline. light a match and everything will explode in a flash.
сar's lights glide across the room licking the mirrors, the wall and the ceiling. shadows sparkling in a wild dance around us.
N. is wearing nothing but high heels and her perfume. black tea leaves, bergamot and musk. she is laying on the bed in a silence. what's she dreaming about?
I switched to the radio instead of my favourite playlist. song to song we shoot into the dark night.
she slowly lit a cigarette. no rush. licked her upper lips with the tip of her tongue. slowly.

I said "no smoking please"
she smiled and continued to smoke.
she was two hours late.
and we only had half an hour left to shoot. she was not right and she knew it.

but doesn't matter. let's play the game.
no good-bye no see you later.
i went outside into the rain and turned my face to the water.
it was our last shooting. we knew it both.

made me sad. the chapter is written.
nothing you can do but just accept.
we met in a few days. we were dancing all night long.
she whispered some dirty words into my mind. it felt all right.

i woke up in the morning alone
in weird world I don't belong.
You know I'm just a good time girl
Leaving you lonely
I don't care at all
No, I can't be good for you
lust for more?
first series of 20 signed polaroids starring incredible femme fatale N.
captured in moscow in 2021
at boutique hotel richter