Hi all from a sunny L.A.!

This is my very first Newsletter #1

I would love to share here what excites and inspires me and also give you updates about what happens with my photography right now. Plus some insights and stories from the archives.
My very first recommendation here will be the movie: The Given

The story and the way it filmed it's a pure oxygen. It reminds me every time how important is not to forget that deep inside of all of us we are still kids. Dream explore and play!

Trailer / IMDb ( 7.8/10)

"A surfing adventure across 15 countries gives a young boy from Kauai an opportunity to widen his horizons and gain a deeper understanding of life."
I went to Photo L.A. few days ago to check the galleries and what's new in photography.

Accidentally I met a very weird guy sitting at the table in one of the corners. He looked quite strange.
Sunglasses, long beard and he was so stoned ;)

That's him in the middle!

We started a conversation. And guess what! He is showing his work on his iPad and then I recognize this particular photograph with Kate and I can't believe it. How? Him? Shot Her!
He made this legendary photograph with Kate in 1989. I had this picture in my moodboards for years. Iconic.

Kate was just starting. He also discovered Mila Iovovic before anybody knew her.
Long story short. He has no Instagram no website. He doesn't care much about publicity and fashion world anymore.

His name is Gene Lemuel. Check his work if you can find. He is a legend. Shot celebrities and fashion in a very unique way!

Another miracle that happens here in L.A. almost on a daily basis.
Just read it!

By Maria Popova who is a Bulgarian-born, American-based writer of literary and arts commentary and cultural criticism that has found wide appeal, both for its writing and for the visual stylistics that accompany it.
Allan Watts about not forcing anything!
Helped me a lot during the past few months.
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I shot this in 2010 in Paris. Models name is Linnea and she comes from Sweden.

I just moved to Paris from my 3 months stay in Moscow and this was my first ever model test for ELITE Paris.

Linnea won Elite Model Look in Sweden that year and she was getting big. Honestly I was so excited but at the same time very nervous. I didn't have a place where to shoot!

Through my concats on facebook I met Katia Kameneva, who is a very famous painter and artist living in Paris.

We met with Katia at her huge apartment at Pigalle. I told her my story about coming to Paris just with one bag, staying at the hotels around Gare d'est.

She said that she is leaving tomorrow to countryside with her family and then she just gave me the keys from her apartment and said that I can stay here for the next 5 days.

My story reminded Katia on one of her friends who also came to Paris 20 years ago and he also was a photographer. So she decided to help me out. Thank you!

Miracles happen!
Thank you! Have a wonderful week!

Jurij Treskow