For the last 3 days I was visiting numerous events around Frieze in L.A. Thanks to our warm and productive relationships with BMW Russia who were partners of Frieze.

I have to say that L.A. rocks and knows how to party and celebrate art. Life is art.
During these days I met so many interesting and wonderful people. They are all so open-minded and kind.
In this cinematic city where almost every person you meet act as an actor make you feel that you are always watching a movie non stop. It feels really good and I enjoy it a lot.

And nature here makes a big difference. Oxygen pure.

It was a very exciting and important experience for me. To see what really happens in the art world nowadays and how its functions. It gives you insight firsthand into the complexity of the modern art world. Many things you should apply to photography as well. Thinking about projects, books and working with galleries.

Stay true to yourself and pursue your dreams! Dream big! Everything is possible! But No rush! No rush!

I also was studying the way everything was organized and staged. All the tricks and hidden jams.
It will help me for my future projects with Fatal
Maybe this May in Moscow. Stay tuned.
Some sexy songs for you. I was listening them for the last 3-4 days non stop.

Me Succeeds - Rongorongo (Arp Aubert Remix)

DJ T. - Leavin Me ft. Khan (David August Remix)

FREE DL: Eric Volta - The Very End Of Your Days (Juliano Gomez Rework)
I don't watch TV shows often but this one I can't miss this time for sure. One of my favorite series ever. Main character Bob Odenkirk is simply a genius.

Better Call Saul
4th season is finally on Netflix!
One of most gifted books to my friends ever.

4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

  1. Be impeccable with your word!

    Ruiz states that while this agreement is the most important, it is the most difficult one to honor. For this agreement, Ruiz first analyzes the word "impeccable". The word impeccable comes from the Latin word peccatus meaning "sin", and the "im" in the beginning of impeccable is the Latin prefix that means "without". Ruiz describes a sin to be anything that goes against oneself, and therefore being impeccable with language means to take responsibility for one's actions and remain without judgment against oneself and others. In essence, this agreement focuses on the significance of speaking with integrity and carefully choosing words before saying them aloud.

  2. Don't take anything personally!

  3. Don't take any assumptions!

  4. Always do your best!
Are you doing what your are uniquely capable of, what you feel placed here on earth to do? Can you be replaced?
If I will stop photography - will anybody miss it?

These questions I am asking myself for the last few weeks. I am feeling some big changes I am going through now. It's quite intense and sometimes very painful but L.A. is definitely a right place now. I can feel the pressure but not in a destructive way as it was in NYC.

I am already photographing for more than 10 years and slowly thinking and feeling of switching into more curating and consulting and also pushing more projects like Fatal events

I am also planing to publish my first book this year and concentrate more around Fine Arts as prints and posters. And launching education courses for online in russian and english. Stay tuned.
VIKA shot in Paris. 2019
My new printed editorial for Maxim Russia is finally out. Sometimes it takes months before it will be published and I am not good with waiting. But getting better.

I shot Vika in October 2019 in Paris. Maxim gave me carte-blanche for the whole direction. This is rare.

We shot at Les Bains. It's a legendary place on Paris map.

Check this article about night life in Paris back in time and you will be very surprised.

There were other clubs in that golden age of Paris night life, but perhaps none of them were as era defining. Opened in 1978 on the site of a 19th-century bathhouse in the Third Arrondissement, Les Bains Douches made stars of its designer (Philippe Starck) and resident D.J. (David Guetta), who were unknown at the time. Joy Division recorded a live album in the basement, where Prince performed impromptu and Depeche Mode played years before selling out stadiums. Continue reading

I will post photographs from this shooting on my instagram in the next few days. Below you will find the first one. Vika as La Femme Fatale. It's also available as a poster.
Helmut Newton is definitely one of my hugest inspiration ever.
I was stunned from the very first touch with his photography and his life.
I was reading and watching everything I could get about him. I couldn't get enough.
I was eagerly studying from this materials. The way he directs his shootings, the way he talks and thinks, his humor and jokes.
Everything what I could find back then was so meaningful and important to me. He became my mentor and adviser in a special way.

My work is very often compared with his photography. I take it as a compliment. I respect the past and I am reflecting it by my path and exploration to create something new.

Every time I am in Berlin I go visit Helmut Newton Foundation. And every time I discover something new and exciting again and again. Every time his work surprises and enriches me... Thank you Helmut!

List with some videos and interviews about the master. Enjoy!
Thank you! Have a wonderful week!

Jurij Treskow