New serie with Wonder Sveta is out. Our second shooting after one we did in Moscow, last year.

I was staying at The NoMad Hotel in Downtown during Frieze L.A. and decided to use it as a location for our shooting. I can't get enough of shooting at hotels.

Very simple styling this time and a white bathrobe - and here we go la femme fatale is present and ready to rock.

Sveta's body language is just incredible. You can make sculptures out of her postures.

Exert from my online eduction course.


I often use hotel rooms in my shootings. These are ready-made locations with their own mood and interior. Ideal for shooting tête-à-tête models to create a cinematic atmosphere. Most of them have great interior design and specific movie like lightning.

A hotel is practical. Sometimes It costs less than to rent an entire floor of a hotel than to rent a studio.

Difficulties may arise if you have a large team, as most hotels will either completely prohibit shooting, or will be asked to pay a lot of money.

It is also worth considering that most of the rooms are poorly lit and small in size...
Austria-born DJ & producer Wolfram Eckert just blew my mind with this gig at boiler room.


Bison - The Traveler

Brussels piano club

Un Breve Fragmento Feat. Marcela Manzanilla
Young Pope

All my friends and also my enemies were telling me that I must watch it. As soon as possible. I was resisting until very now.

It's another masterpiece by Paolo Sorrentino. Bravo maestro!

Luca Bigazzi "Extremely strong lights, almost blinding, and extreme darkness, bordering on the limits of visibility. Our approach didn't only want to be a sterile challenge against the age-old and now outdated conventions of television (which in Italy are still the rule), but mainly wanted to be a visual way of interpreting a story that talks about holiness, perdition, transparency, mystery, unspeakable secrets and revealed truths."

I can take so much inspiration from almost everything in this movie.
The way he directs his films, the way he works with lightning and actors, his surrealist approach is insane. Soundtrack is unbelievable.
Paolo's vision is so provocative and refreshing and so much fun!

Thank you Maestro and keep on rocking!
My mentor and my teacher Erich Fromm

His book The Art Of Loving is one of my favorite ever. I guess I re-read it more than 20 times.
It made me rethink so many things and understand myself much better.

As a result I gifted in to so many people I care about.

Erich Fromm:

Immature love says: "I love you because I need you." Mature love says: "I need you because I love you."

Love isn't something natural. Rather it requires discipline, concentration, patience, faith, and the overcoming of narcissism. It isn't a feeling, it is a practice.

Paradoxically, the ability to be alone is the condition for the ability to love.

To die is poignantly bitter, but the idea of having to die without having lived is unbearable.
In 2018 I did a collaboration with Zadig & Voltaire in Paris.

At that time I was represented by Art Board and they've helped a lot with the production.

This is the description from their PR-office in Paris about our my work for them:

"A sensual dance with the devil. Hear the muse roar. Treskow, photographer and videographer from Belarus, chose Paris for his ballet of reflections and shades where electro music sounds like the promise of a wild kiss. Zadig and Voltaire are the two thrives of one woman, one femme fatale, one street muse. Strong and sensitive, poet and pirate, absolutely insolent. These boots are made for dancing, and dancing they shall do. Bring out the heat from the shadows and wear its leather for the city of love is about to tremble."

32 rue Turbigo in Paris

I was working a lot with Oui Managment from the very beginning and I was in a good relationship with their director Steve, a brilliant man!
One day he suggested to shoot Lais Ribeiro for my personal work. A Victoria Secret Angel and the super star at that moment. Wow. Lucky me! I was waiting for it for so long. And believe me I was super excited.

But I have to admit that when the shooting day came I was so insecure and almost shaking on the set... couldn't say a word couldn't direct and get my images. Somehow I put too much pressure on myself and couldn't handle it.

Results were very good in the end but not what I was expecting from this shooting and not what the agency was expecting from me.

I got a stylist and a make-up and hair artist. And somehow it was too much! I just needed to stay true to my own photography with no extras.
I tried to make an editorial out of a personal work. It was a mistake and I've learned a lesson out of it.

Anyway I still love these pictures!
3 years later I got a second chance.
I moved to NYC and started to work with The Lions
I became more confident and I knew better what I wanted for this shooting now.
Confidence comes with time and experience. No rush. Everything has its own time.

We were shooting at my friend's place in West Village in a great spacious triplex. Thank you Olivier!

The team was much more professional this time. And I could direct the whole process from the beginning. I prepared myself very well.

The photographs became more strong and seductive. Lais looks amazing and very very la femme fatale.


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Jurgen Teller

One of the best contemporary photographers ever ever. The Legend alive.

It's not that his work influences much what I am doing but more his creative lifestyle and approach!

Every time he surprises and sometimes shoks not only me but the whole artistic world with his new wild projects and exhibitions and books. He is pushing the boundaries again and again. And bring us photographers from the comfort zone.

Jurgen Teller: "A lot of photographers say how lucky I am while they do nothing and just wait for commissions. I don't do that! If there are no shows, no books, no commission, no magazines, I do my own thing. I always work. I take risks.
The bigger the risk, the bigger the reward. What a lot of people lack is comfort with the unknown. "

I remember when I was 17 and we moved to Germany from Belarus and on my first appearance at the gymnasium I said to everybody (to their surprise) that my name is actually Jurgen.
I thought it was a smart move to make things easier for germans by translating my name into a german language. And my favorite football players back then were Jurgen Klinsmann and Yuori Jorkaeff.

It took me 3 months to come back to my original name Юрий Юра Yuri, that it written in german as Jurij and it gives a hard time to everybody to spell it correctly in USA and in especially France.

Check some videos and Interviews with Jurgen and learn form it.


Thank you! Have a wonderful week!

Jurij Treskow