First of all I hope you guys take care of yourself and your beloved ones. Be kind, present and supportive!
This week was quite intense and productive in L.A. I had several shootings with some great models.

Brooks Nader American
Natalie Roser Australian
Jessica Michel American
Hannah Kirkelie American
Kendall Visser American

Plus I am finished with my selection for Tata. Coming soon.

The weather is rainy for the last week and it seems it will stay this way. Winter time in L.A.
Not much sun though and quite chilly. But nature has no bad weather. I can enjoy every phase.

That's why I was looking to shoot at locations. I was lucky to get 1 hotel in LA for my 2 shootings. Great locations make the process more exciting and also easier for models to pose and act.

Below you will find as first ones some of the photographs. Enjoy.
Jim Carrey
Who is real you?
Few days ago I rewatched Blade Runner byRidley Scott for x-time. I love everything about this movie.

It became my main inspiration for Fatal 3 in Moscow last year. Short video from the event.

I couldn't hold my tears again by the final scene

"I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die."
I am renting a little guest house here in West Hollywood. For a few weeks I got a visitor at the main house and 2 weeks later finally we got time to talk. Lenerd is a writer and he has published a book recently about his life journey.

I literally read this book in 5-6 hours. It reminded me a little bit on The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari but more wild and raw. Unbelievable things happen to Lenerd during his 4 years journey and it completely has changed his life.

" In 2012 Lenerd Louw is living the life on Millionaires' Row in Clifton beach, Cape Town. The successful CEO of an insurance company and part-time playboy, he appears to have it all – gorgeous women, threesomes, Ecstasy and cocaine on demand. But something doesn't feel right. He tries to drown a deep inner voice urging him to change his career, life – everything – by partying harder. By the end of December 2012, a massive shift occurs. He resigns as CEO, sells all his worldly possessions and books a one-way ticket to Lima, Peru. With just a backpack and a heart full of questions, he embarks on what will become an epic five-year journey, covering five continents and 35 countries, in search of his soul and meaning. "I was aware that my goal-less approach went against popular belief. So many motivational speakers and gurus expound on the virtues of 'setting goals' and 'believing in yourself', to 'go, go, go get what you want'. But I was more interested in surrender rather than control. I wanted to fully see what existence had to offer. Once all the fearful internal chatter had died down, I was finally able to listen."Jump! is a phenomenal true tale of personal expansion and awakening. Inspired by soul warriors' works like Gary Zukav's The Seat of the Soul and Robin Sharma's The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Louw follows his deeper calling, jumping off the cliff of comfort, into the deep unknown. What he discovers is magical. "
Please welcome Guy Bourdin! The great french artist! His photography has influenced me in a lot of ways. Surrealistic images, provocative and timeless.

And still I think I need years to come before I will slowly understand and reflect his exciting journey and his work. His heritage is overwhelming.
It's also very complex, where every detail and every aspect is so majestically staged and well-thought.

He was also one of the first who has started to experiment with Fashion Film.

One of my favorite rituals & techniques to progress in photography and actually just enjoy the process.

Exercise: SIESTA

During the day, try to find free 45-60 minutes when you can completely immerse yourself in the process of dreams, imagining future shootings and how you would like to shoot them.
Those images that will arise in your head, later it will help to put those ideas into practice.

With this exercise, you will develop a muscle of inspiration. Like any exercise, they require regularity and concentration. Repetitions reinforce the result.

Write or sketch ideas that arise in the process in a special notebook.
Thank you! Have a wonderful week!

Jurij Treskow