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I worship, admire and empower women in my photography. I am looking to discover, magnify and glorify their beauty and radiance being fascinated by their mystery, feminine grace, provoking sexuality and raw energy.

As an artist my favorite subject is a woman, a femme fatale – strong, confident and reckless.
creating lasting memories that can be cherished for years to come
boosting confidence and empowering, enhancing your self-esteem and body image
artistic expression in creatively exploring and expressing your sensuality
photography session la femme fatale
My central muse is the enigmatic 'femme fatale.'

In this shoot, I merge the intrigue of cinema with the artistic depth of erotic photography, delving into the power and mystery of this iconic figure. It's a celebration of raw, artistic expression, capturing the essence of this enigmatic persona through a cinematic lens.

To me, the femme fatale is more than just a character; she represents an exploration of power, seduction, and complexity. I aim to portray this through a lens that respects both the art form and the subject, capturing the multifaceted nature of the femme fatale.

photography session portraits
I blend the drama of cinema with the personal touch of portrait photography to explore and reveal the deep, intriguing personality before my lens. This session is a celebration of genuine, artistic expression, aiming to capture the unique intricacies and emotions of my subject as if they were a character in their own story.

My focus is on respecting and highlighting the artistry and individuality of the person, making each portrait a testament to their unique story.

photography session studio
In a studio, I offer an exclusive and intimate photography session that specializes in the art of erotic imagery. With more focus on creating tasteful and evocative photographs that celebrate beauty and sensuality.

With careful lighting and composition, I aim to craft images that are alluring and deeply personal.

This session is for those looking to artistically capture their intimate form in a safe and professional environment, allowing me to help express and immortalize their most private self.
pricing & conditions
styling references
The cost can change depending on your photo preferences, such as whether you want artistic erotic pictures or/and classic and timeless portraits, and where you'd like to have them taken—like a hotel room, indoor setting, outdoor location, or studio.

Additionally, any added services like a stylist or makeup and hair assistance can also affect the price.

I'd like to have a detailed conversation about your photoshoot plans to create a personalized package that meets your expectations and delivers a memorable experience.
  • up to 3 hours photographer's shooting time
  • 10 photographs chosen and retouched by the photographer
  • an extra selection of 20-40 image previews is available for clients to choose and purchase additional pictures
  • the final photos may require approximately one month for processing
  • no raw files given to client
  • 50% pre-payment
additional costs *
  • the expenses for a hotel room or indoor location or a studio
  • if you're comfortable doing your makeup and hair yourself, great! otherwise, we can arrange for a professional makeup artist and hairstylist
  • a stylist is optional, as clients typically select clothing and looks from their own wardrobe based on the provided references below
  • travel and living expenses for shoots that require travel
poses and expression
Posing: I want to assure you that you don't need to be experienced in posing or modeling. It's my priority to make you feel comfortable and at ease during the photoshoot. Being in front of the camera can sometimes feel intimidating, but I will be there to support and guide you every step of the way.

My goal is to capture the most genuine and authentic version of you. We'll work together collaboratively, and I'll provide clear directions and suggestions for poses and expressions that will showcase your unique beauty and personality.
individual price on request
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ideas for styling
Wardrobe: Your outfit choices play a significant role in expressing your personality and setting the tone for the photoshoot. I want you to feel not only beautiful but also confident in what you wear.

If you're unsure about your wardrobe choices, we can discuss them together before the shoot. I'm more than happy to provide suggestions and advice based on the overall theme and location of the photoshoot.

By bringing a diverse selection of outfits, we'll have the flexibility to create a wide range of looks that capture the essence of who you are.

high heels and boots
underwear and bodies
jackets and coats and furs and skirts
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