photo shooting
by jurij treskow

12 photographs chosen and retouched by jurij treskow

a selection of 30-50 image previews is available for clients to purchase additional pictures

up to 4 hours photographer's shooting time

the final photographs may take a waiting period of approximately 3-4 weeks to be delivered

no raw files given to clients
additional costs
the expenses for a hotel room or indoor location can vary, depending on the client's budget constraints

a make-up / hair artist

a stylist is optional, as clients typically select clothing and desired looks from their own wardrobe based on the provided references below

travel and living expenses for shoots that require travel

a high quality printed book showcasing the results of the photo session is available as an optional choice
individual price on request
whatsapp or telegram
photo references / femme fatale mood
ideas for styling
high heels and boots
underwear and bodies
jackets and coats and furs and skirts
whatsapp or telegram
individual price on request