indoor shooting
individual price on request

12 photographs included
7 of 12 retouched photographs selected by the photographer

5 photographs to select by the client from 30-40 previews prepared by the photographer

by choosing more than 5 images from the previews - additional charge for each extra retouched photograph

no raw files given to clients !
extra costs / not included
hotel or location

make-up and hair artist

stylist * / 5-7 looks

a stylist is optional
often selection is made of clothes / looks from the client's wardrobe based on the references you will find below
shooting time
1- 1.5 hour for make-up and hair

up to 3 hours photographer's shooting time
photo references based on my work
ideas for styling
high heels and boots
underwear and bodies
jackets and coats and furs and skirts