by jurij treskow
I believe in photography that can change your body chemistry, that can inspire, excite and empower you. Photography is a fantastic tool to discover to admire the beauty and magic around you.

I am a photographer because I want to orchestrate something I myself desire to see – things I don't see in my everyday life. I want people to feel things they haven't felt before. I love to work with imagination and fantasy, projecting my ideas and my aesthetics.

I use photography to express my feelings and my emotions. It's much like a diary, a tool to reveal myself more deeply than with words or other symbols.

When I take photographs, I transcend into the deepest meditation I can. I become a part of the flow of energy and vitality, full with magic vibrations that let me forget about my ego and loose myself. Time and space disappear, there are no frames and no restrictions – only freedom. It's my state of total Zen. It's what I am addicted to.

I don't question reality or real life in my photography. My genre is not documentary. I am not looking for "truth" based on facts. I am capturing "emotional truth".

I can see some of my photographs as film stills that might leave you wondering what is happening or what might happen next.

I worship, admire and empower women in my photography. I am looking to discover, magnify and glorify their beauty and radiance. I am fascinated by their mystery, feminine grace, provoking sexuality and raw energy. As an artist my favorite subject is a woman, a femme fatale – strong, confident and reckless.

Maybe another reason I photograph women is because I am afraid (not frightened of scared) of them in a way. And photography gives me some sense of control over the situation. Those photographs can tell you more about me than the models I shoot.