About THE PROject
This project is a tribute to the model tests I did when I first arrived in Paris in 2010. Over about 5 years, I underwent numerous tests in Paris, Milan, London, and NYC.
Photography felt like a big adventure. Each photo shoot became an opportunity to experiment—not only with the camera and lights but also in collaborating with models to turn ideas into beautiful photographs.
Almost every day introduced a new model from various parts of the world. In just 2-3 hours, I'd meet them, engage in a conversation, and then take images, aspiring both for exceptional shots. It was super exciting, sparking lots of creative ideas. It felt like the best school for figuring out my style through trying things out and working hard.
Feedback from modeling agencies was super important in figuring out what worked and what didn't. It helped me make choices about what to do next and decide where my career was going. This time also helped me make connections in the industry, leading to cool friendships and good job opportunities.
I believe I wouldn't be where I am as an artist now without those initial years of shooting tests.
Some of my best photos emerged from those tests. Now that I'm back in Paris, I want to initiate a project focused on model tests.
I'm excited about capturing new faces, but my primary focus is on models with substantial experience. They might not require a standard test now, but it's about embracing a creative and slightly nostalgic experience. For them, model tests symbolize the early beginnings of their careers.
I'd prefer to capture the beauty of a photo around a model and her charisma and personality, rather than solely aiming for a fashion shot with heavy emphasis on makeup, hair, and styling.
I want to bring back the creative energy from my early days, but now I have more experience. I'll use my better skills while making sure the shoots still have the same excitement and unpredictability as when I started. It's like blending the fresh creativity from the past with the wisdom I've gained over the years.
Towards the conclusion of the project, I intend to publish a book with a limited edition of copies and organize an exhibition in Paris during the next fashion week to showcase the outcomes of those photo sessions.
For the book, I'd like to conduct brief interviews with the models, delving into their initial tests and tracing the trajectory of their careers.
As an illustration, you can check out a video interview I did in collaboration with Interview Magazine in NYC. In that interview, I spoke with models residing in NYC, discussing their expectations upon moving to the city and reflecting on what transpired years later.