fatal issue # 1

a printed book
limited edition - remastered *
an independent, self-published, printed book
featuring six muses & spanning 44 pages

hardcover silk-matt
20,5 x 27 cm / 8,07 x 10,62 in.
high quality photo paper
inapa galaxi art samt
170 g/m²

printed in germany
delivery worldwide
fatal issue #1
I have been dreaming of creating a book of my photographs for a long time. When I walked into a bookstore and looked through photo albums, I always enjoyed the stories and atmosphere that were present on the pages of each one.

However, to create a book, I had to accumulate material that was worthy of printing, and I had been working on it for many years. I was gaining experience to make it possible.

My travels helped me choose hotels as a place for creativity and inspiration to create the image of a la femme fatale woman that I wanted to capture in my works. I found hotels to be perfect for showcasing the essence of a femme fatale, with their cinematic and enticing atmosphere. They provided a unique mood that transformed my models into actresses, letting them take on roles of seduction, power, daring, and wildness.

Each city revealed this image in its own way, giving it individual artistic elements. Hotels have become not only a place to create a photograph, but also a place to experience it as a life experience.

When I first decided to shoot naked models, it was something new and exciting for me, as I wanted to convey the beauty of the naked body in such a way that it would evoke a passion close to falling in love. I wanted my photos not to fall into vulgarity or obscenity, but to convey the beauty of the naked body in its essence.

My book became a kind of chronicle of my creative searches. I decided to create and publish it myself to go through all the stages of book creation independently.

This limited edition book comprises 40 pages featuring the photographic results of shooting with six muses. Only 250 copies are available, making it a unique addition to any collection. It's the first volume in a series titled "Fatal Issues." Currently, I'm in the process of working on the next volume.

I am grateful to everyone who helped me create it, including models, hotel staff, friends, and colleagues.

I hope that this book will not only be a beautiful edition, but also a useful resource for other photographers and art lovers.