The title "(S)education" is chosen deliberately, echoing my previous exhibition "(S)exhibition" in Paris in 2022. It symbolizes a playful interplay of words and meanings through form, adding the magic of a single letter "S" to the flow of artistic fantasy and imagery.

"(S)education" manifests itself as a full immersion into the world of photography. The course is not solely about fundamental knowledge; its primary goal is to enable a fresh perspective on art and oneself. The course will prove beneficial to all: from beginners passionate about photography and creativity in general, to professionals looking to see themselves in a new light and expand their boundaries and horizons.

The second significant aspect of the course is the pursuit of a state of artistic infatuation, which serves as the main source of inspiration and uncovering of artistic potential. Being in love with a muse, an object, or life as a whole becomes a catalyst for creative growth and development.
Jurij was born in Belarus and later moved to Germany at the age of 17. In 2008, he discovered his passion for photography while living in Berlin. One year later, he made the decision to relocate to Paris, where he pursued his career as a professional photographer.

Jurij is a photographer who specializes in fashion, art and portrait photography. His style is often described as provocative, sensual, and bold, with a focus on the power of seduction. He has worked with various high-end brands and publications, and his work has been exhibited in galleries around the world.

"In my photography, women are my muse, my source of admiration and empowerment. I seek to unveil and celebrate their beauty and radiance, magnifying their allure and strength. The enigmatic allure, feminine grace, provocative sensuality, and raw energy they exude captivate me as an artist. A woman, a femme fatale, embodies my favorite subject - strong, confident, and unapologetically daring." J.T.

Jurij lives and works between New York, Paris, London and Berlin.
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