I worship, admire and empower women in my photography. I am looking to discover, magnify and glorify their beauty and radiance.

I am fascinated by their mystery, feminine grace, provoking sexuality and raw energy. As an artist my favorite subject is a woman, a femme fatale – strong, confident and reckless.
collect art
invest and endorse creativity
own original pieces
or make a gift
creating lasting memories that can be cherished for years to come
boosting confidence and empowering, enhancing your self-esteem and body image
artistic expression in creatively exploring and expressing your sensuality

The title "(S)education" is chosen deliberately, echoing my previous exhibition "(S)exhibition" in Paris in 2022. It symbolizes a playful interplay of words and meanings through form, adding the magic of a single letter "S" to the flow of artistic fantasy and imagery.

"(S)education" manifests itself as a full immersion into the world of photography. The course is not solely about fundamental knowledge; its primary goal is to enable a fresh perspective on art and oneself. The course will prove beneficial to all: from beginners passionate about photography and creativity in general, to professionals looking to see themselves in a new light and expand their boundaries and horizons.

The course also focuses on developing a deep passion for art. This passion is key to finding inspiration and unlocking your creative abilities. Being in love with a muse, an object, or life as a whole becomes a catalyst for creative growth and development.

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multi-platform concept combining art exhibitions, live performances and digital explorations

visionary world of experimental engagements in cinematic settings

In the future, I envision any event you attend as a platform for experimentation and creativity, where everyone is actively yet voluntarily engaged. I aim to capture that fresh surge of inspiration and provide a space where it can be immediately channeled and explored.

The goal is to act on your impulses immediately, rather than delaying for "later." Imagine the energy you feel leaving a cinema, inspired and buzzing with ideas, but with only a couple of hours before bedtime. Often, by morning, that spark has faded.

The aim is to see what happens when we act on our inspiration in the moment. I'm creating these opportunities because it's something I deeply desire for myself as well.
Jurij was born in Belarus and later moved to Germany at the age of 17. In 2008, he discovered his passion for photography while living in Berlin.

Specializing in fashion, art, and portrait photography, his work is known for its provocative, sensual, and bold style, emphasizing the power of seduction. He has collaborated with various high-end brands and publications, and his photographs have been showcased in galleries worldwide

Based in Berlin and Paris.
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