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I believe that within everyone lies a creative spark. Through this course, you will not only nurture that creative flame but also acquire the skills to turn your passion into a source of income. Cultivate your unique vision and style as you progress.

This course is designed for anyone who is passionate about growing their photography and art skills. Whether you're a beginner ready to get a solid start or an experienced photographer wanting to polish your techniques or discover fresh inspiration.

This adventure will take you beyond the basics, equipping you with an understanding of the industry dynamics and opening doors to the exhilarating experience of globe traveling and capturing muses in your lens from across the world.


Focus on my personal journey as a photographer. You will learn about the development of my interest in photography and the challenges and opportunities I encountered along the way. The impact of the decisions I made and their consequences.

First photo shoots and exploring personal style, entering the fashion industry, initial magazine features and commercial projects. Collaborations with model and photo agencies.

How different cities influenced my art and worldview.


Inspiration techniques and sources, including notable photographers to watch and recommended books, articles, and interviews on photography.

Mood-boards, including strategies for creating them, organizing image references, and developing treatments, briefs, and call sheets.

Portfolio creation, how to choose your best work, what to include, and how to adapt portfolios for different clients.

Specifics of fashion photography, including the differences between commercial and personal work, rates, and negotiations. Resources such as articles, documentaries, and magazines on fashion, as well as offer guidance on creating concepts and managing prices and costs.


Building teams and engaging with models, highlighting what makes a top model. Learning from masters, the techniques and methods used to create stunning photographs.

Different types of lighting used in photography, including natural, strobe, continuous, and LED lights. Tips on how to efficiently observe and use space on a set, including working on outdoor and indoor locations.

My experiences with erotic photography, including my first experiments and the creation of erotic pictures while maintaining aesthetics.

Specifics of shooting in the fashion industry, including the differences between commercial and personal work, rates, and negotiations. Articles, documentaries, and magazines on fashion, as well as guidance on creating concepts and managing prices and costs.


Image selection, including tips on choosing the best images and creating layouts for them. Post-production techniques.

Printing your work, including fine art prints, posters, and postcards. Tips on creating polaroids, zines, and books to showcase your work. Moving images and fashion films.

Preparations for exhibitions, retrospectives, and lectures, including how to present your work in public settings.

Importance of archiving your work, including how to organize your files and use them to progress in your photography career.


All modules of photography course are designed with active practice in mind and include various assignments and practical exercises.

These assignments will provide students with an opportunity not only to apply the techniques and concepts they learn in each module but also to gain valuable hands-on experience with the material.

The practical exercises will stimulate creative thinking, develop analysis skills, and foster independent decision-making in photography.
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  • Hi Jurij, the material you have created is fantastic. I'm personally always very interested in the "why?" behind an artist's career and you've described the road to where you are today in fantastic detail. I really like how you mix the discussion of the general way your art has involved with particular shoots which stood out for you at that time (and what went into preparing them, etc.).

    The course is much, much better / more interesting than I would have ever expected for any online material. For me, it feels like a combination of biography, explanation and inspiration. Which is truly wonderful :)
  • Hello Jurij.

    I am going through your online course step by step and I go deeper into many of your linked contents , names and websites.

    I take notes in my own notebook and it is a very nice journey…!

    That´s the reason why I finished chapter ONE yesterday completely after some long evenings.

    Sascha Martin
  • Jurij, thank you for such amazing courses. Everything is clear and accessible, like good wine. I read a section, then ponder it for a couple of days, and then read a little more. Yes, the classification is very smart, the sections are well-organized, and even the font is perfect down to the smallest detail. After seeing your photos, I don't even want to go on Instagram, so as not to spoil my taste. Looking forward to staying in touch!
  • I had an amazing experience with Jurij Treskov's photography course. Towards the end of the course, I felt an immense surge of energy and inspiration. My heart was racing with the desire to shoot more and more, to capture people, to feel and showcase aesthetics to others. I am grateful for the opportunity to immerse myself in this atmosphere and to be part of such a transformative experience.
  • Very cool and interesting. It is inspiring. It's great that you hold such meetings and share your secrets. Thank you for your honesty. Everything is very cool.

  • Thank you for the reboot, I got what I came for. For that elusive feeling of love and charm, which disappeared under the pressure of commercial work. It is important to meet like-minded people and compare your feelings, to touch reality and illusions together.
  • Key phrases and thoughts that stuck with me were: to love the person you are photographing, which I had suspected myself, but now I am convinced once again. Don't spend too much time on post-processing. Maintain a child-like curiosity with a fresh perspective.
  • Treskov's photography course is an absolute must for anyone serious about honing their photography skills. I was thoroughly impressed with the wealth of knowledge and expertise that Jurij imparted throughout the course. The lessons were meticulously crafted, covering the necessary concepts in a clear and concise manner. The practical exercises were particularly helpful in reinforcing the theories taught in the course, making it an immersive and engaging learning experience. Thanks to Jurij's guidance, I now feel much more confident in my photography abilities and I look forward to applying the techniques I've learned in my future work.
  • Jurij, thank you for the course! I'm glad I attended because there was a lot of information about the most important thing: the constant process of searching for something new and fresh in photography, rather than the trivial details of retouching. It was especially cool to learn about your journey, especially in such an open and nuanced way, including your work with models during tests.
  • Jurij, thank you very much for the high-quality and interesting course. I got answers to all my questions, along with inspiration. Good luck and further achievements.
  • It was well-structured. It was easy to perceive without exaggeration. I wanted a little more technical content. Thank you!
  • Jurij! Thank you very much! I really enjoyed it. It was fun and I learned a lot. Jurij knows a lot about photography and teaches it in a way that's easy to understand. Thanks for a great course, Jurij! Good luck with your future projects!

Jurij was born in Belarus and later moved to Germany at the age of 17. In 2008, he discovered his passion for photography while living in Berlin. One year later, he made the decision to relocate to Paris, where he pursued his career as a professional photographer.

Jurij Treskow is a photographer who specializes in fashion, art and portrait photography. His style is often described as provocative, sensual, and bold, with a focus on the power of seduction. He has worked with various high-end brands and publications, and his work has been exhibited in galleries around the world.

Jurij lives and works between New York, Paris, London and Berlin.

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